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Christ Lutheran Church is located at 290 Idema St. off of Linwood Ave.         Shreveport, LA 71106
 Church Phone: 318-671-1363 - Pastor Culver Phone: 318-518-8767

Christ Lutheran Church would like to invite you to join us in our Worship Services and the many activities that are available. We have an excellent Sunday school program for pre-kindergarten through adult. The youth group is a very dedicated group of teens and young adults who are very active in the church and involved in many out reach projects.  
For Regularly Scheduled Meetings Look at our Calendars  
NOTE: Some regular Services and Events may be rescheduled or canceled due to special services or activities during the year. Please check the calendar. 

                                            DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME CHANGES
Be Prepared! Don't Miss That Special Event
                                    November 1, 2015 - 2:00 AM SUNDAY, 
                                  SET YOUR CLOCKS BACK ONE HOUR!!

Each Year On The 2nd Sunday of March at 2:00 AM Move Clocks Ahead One Hour
Each Year On The 1st Sunday of November at 2:00 AM Move Clocks Back One Hour
(Move clocks ahead 1 hour in Spring - Spring Forward. Move clocks back 1 hour in Fall - Fall Back

Church Services: Sunday School 9:00 AM - 
Sunday Worship Service 10:30 AM
Mite Boxes Collected on First Sunday of Month
Wednesday Services 7:00 PM 
(Check Calendar & Events for Special Services)

Computer Classes: From 2 PM to 4 PM On the third Thursday of the month.
(Classes may not be held during special holidays or events) 
Free and Open to the public, everyone is welcome. Computer classes offer information and demonstrations by Bernie Conradi, covering Microsoft Windows 7 and 8, and if needed, other versions of Windows. Microsoft Word and Excel are covered by J C Barnett.
For Information Contact Glenda Conradi -

Game Night: Meet 2nd & 4th Mondays at 6PM Bring your own meal.
(Nights may occasionally change)

Bible Study: Tuesday Mornings 9:30AM Broadmoor Library

Bible Study: Wednesday Evening 7:00PM Christ Lutheran (Meal to Follow)

Bible Study: Thursday Mornings 9:00AM Christ Lutheran

Voters Meetings For 2015: 
February 8
May 3
August 9
November 8

There Will Be Pot Luck/Covered Dish Lunches Before each Voters Meeting.
Meetings Are After Church (Please bring a favorite food to share for the meal)

                                                           EVENTS                                                  ..................................................................................................................................

                                                                    Caring Cart 
                                       Please donate to our caring cart.

In March & April we are collecting items for the Rescue Mission in the upper rack of the Caring Cart. A list of items needed is posted on the cart.

Lap blankets for Willis-Knighton Cancer Center will continue to be an ongoing project, even when we are collecting other items. Blankets may be place on the bottom rack of the caring cart. Hand made or purchased, crocheted , knitted, fleece, etc. to keep patients warm during treatments are needed. They will be put in tote bags at the hospital to be given to patients along with other items.  Blankets suitable for men, as well as women, are needed. Knitted or crocheted hats/caps would also be appreciated. Please donate to our caring cart.   
Please leave the bottom rack of the cart for our lap blankets only.

Collected blankets were delivered to Willis Knighton Cancer Center in October, November and December 2014 and February, 2015. We will need to build up our supply again for the next delivery on April 15. The blankets are greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone who is contributing to this outreach mission project.  
If you have lap blankets or shawls to donate please put them on the bottom rack of caring cart.

(Our blanket donations are tremendously appreciated and we will continue this project, even when other items are also collected in the caring cart)

                                                Monthly Events        


April 1, 2015 (Wednesday) 6PM Choir Practice (No Wednesday Church Service)
April 1
, 2015 (Wednesday) 7 PM Youth Meet At Church/Movie “Do You Believe” 

April 2
, 2015 (Thursday) 9AM Bible Study At Christ Lutheran
April 2
, 2015 (Thursday) 7PM Foot Washing Maundy Thursday Service. No Meal 

April 3
, 2015 (Friday) 7PM Good Friday Service
April 4,
2015 (Saturday) 10 AM Children’s Easter Party 

April 4,
2015 (Saturday) 1:00 PM Building Committee Meeting

April 5,
2015 Easter Sunday.
April 5, 2015 (Sunday) 7AM “Son Rise” Service 

April 5,
2015 (Sunday) 8:15 AM Pancake Breakfast
April 5, 2015 (Sunday) 9:30AM Sunday School
April 5, 2015 (Sunday) 10:30 AM Worship
April 6, 2015 (Monday) 8AM Pastors Breakfast
April 6,
2015 (Monday) 6PM BLL Meeting 
April 7
, 2015 (Tuesday) 9:30AM Bible Study Broadmoor Library 
April 7
, 2015 (Tuesday) 6PM Elephants
April 8
, 2015 (Wednesday)  6PM Choir Practice
April 8
, 2015 (Wednesday) 7PM Wednesday Service - Meal after Service
April 8
, 2015 (Wednesday) Building Committee Meeting After Church
April 9
, 2015 (Thursday) 9 AM Bible Study At Christ Lutheran 
April 11
, 2015 (Saturday) 10:30 AM Shooters Club Training Meeting
April 11, 2015 (Saturday) 12:30 PM Youth Meet At Church Stop for Lunch Then Go 
                           To Dress For Success. (1:30 PM till 4 PM)

 April 12, 2015 (Sunday) LWML Meeting after Church
April 13
, 2015 (Monday) 8AM Pastors Breakfast
April 13
, 2015 (Monday) 6 PM Game Night
April 14
, 2015 (Tuesday) 9:30AM Bible Study Broadmoor Library 
April 14
, 2015 (Tuesday) No Elephant sew
April 15
, 2015 (Wednesday)  6PM Choir Practice
April 15
, 2015 (Wednesday) 7PM Wednesday Service - Meal after Service
April 15
, 2015 (Wednesday) Building Committee Meeting After Service
April 16
, 2015 (Thursday) 9AM Bible Study At Christ Lutheran
April 16
, 2015 (Thursday) 2PM-4PM Computer Class -Free, Everyone Welcome

April 19
, 2015 (Sunday) Youth Meeting after Church
April 20
, 2015 (Monday) 8AM Pastors Breakfast
April 20
, 2015 (Monday) 6 PM Thrivent Meeting
April 21
, 2015 (Tuesday) Pastor Circuit 5 Conference-No Bible Study
April 21
, 2015 (Tuesday)  6PM Elephant sew
April 22,
2015 (Wednesday) 6PM Choir Practice
April 22,
2015 (Wednesday) 7PM Wednesday Service - Meal after Service
April 23,
2015  (Thursday) 9AM Bible Study At Christ Lutheran
April 23,
2015  (Thursday) 7PM-9PM Thrivent Web Cam

April 24 - 26,
2015 (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) LA/MS District Christian Life Re-treat. Jackson, MS

April 26
, 2015 (Sunday) VBS Meeting After Church
April 26
, 2015 (Sunday) Elders Meeting after Church
April 27, 2015 (Monday) 8AM Pastors Breakfast
April 27
, 2015 (Monday)  6PM BLL Meeting
April 28
, 2015 (Tuesday) 9:30AM Bible Study Broadmoor Library 
April 28
, 2015 (Tuesday)  6PM Elephant Sew
April 29,
2015 (Wednesday) 6PM Choir Practice
April 29,
2015 (Wednesday) 7PM Wednesday Service - Meal after Service
April 30,
2015  (Thursday) 9AM Bible Study At Christ Lutheran

                          (More information will be added as it is received) 

For more about Christ Lutheran Embers Youth Group Activities visit:

Also Visit
Pastor's Blog

                                                   Some Important Events 
                                                               For 2015

April 24-26 (Thurs. through Sun.) LWML LA/MS District Christian Life Retreat - Jackson, MS

May 3, Voter's Meeting & Pot Luck Lunch after Church 

May 9,
Saturday 11:30 AM Spring Ladies Lunch Out (& Baby Shower-Shelby Carlson-Wright) at Imperial Cathy, Youree Drive. Please Sign Sheet On Bulletin Board

May 16, Saturday 7 AM-2 PM Church Rummage Sale and Bake Sale

May 24,
3:00 PM Wedding, Philip Moorehead Jr. and Angela Thomas. Pot Luck to Follow

June 8 - 12, VBS (Vacation Bible School)

July 18, Saturday 11:30 AM Ladies Lunch Out (Place To Be Announced)

August 9, Voter's Meeting & Pot Luck Lunch after Church 

September 26, Saturday Adult Night Out Progressive Dinner (Age 21 and Over)

October 3, Saturday 9:30 AM-2:30 PM LWML Northern Zone Fall Rally (Probable Date)
October 4, LWML Sunday-Special Worship Service

November 1, Daylight Savings  Set Clocks Back One Hour
November 1,
LWML Election and Planning Meeting
November 8,  Voter's Meeting & Pot Luck Lunch after Church 
November 21, Saturday 11:30 AM Ladies Lunch Out & Holiday Shopping Trip

December 4, Friday 6:30 PM Ladies Christmas Party
December 5, Saturday 10:00 AM Children's first Christmas Program Practice.
December 5, Saturday 3:00 Decorate Christmas Tree
December 5, Saturday 6:00 PM White Elephant Christmas Party and Chili Cook-off. Bring a gift for the White Elephant gift exchange and bring chili for the contest, or a covered dish  for the meal. (We will eat the chili, too) The person with the most donations in front of their chili pot will win the chili cook-off, so bring a little cash to vote for the chili you like best, and also for the auction. If you would like to bring extra gifts there will be an auction for the gifts left over - still wrapped. (Date tentative at this time)
December 12, Saturday 10:00 AM Children's Christmas Program Practice and Party
December 13, Children's Christmas Program during church service. (Please bring your children early to prepare for the program)
December 24, Wednesday 6:00 PM Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.
December 25, Friday MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
December 31, Thursday 6:00 PM New Years Eve Service and Party and Game Night. Bring a favorite game or a puzzle, and food & snacks to share. Fun for the everyone, the kids, too.

Some dates may be subject to change.
More Information will be added as it is received.



For more about Christ Lutheran Embers Youth Group Activities visit:
Pastor's Blog


-Past Events Review-
        November 27, 2011

The dedication service for Christ Lutheran Church's new building was held at 6:00 PM, November 26, 2011 at Christ Lutheran Church.
Immediately following the dedication the St. Paul Lutheran Church Choir from Waco, Texas, performed their "Glory To God" Christmas Cantata. 
This evening of beautiful music was provided free of charge and was open to the public. 


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